Remo De Vico – Pitch Bender Schubert

artist: Remo De Vico
title: Pitch Bender Schubert
keywords: experimental, pitch bender, remo de vico, schubert ,acousmatic ,tape music, avant-garde, electroacoustic, experiemental, Cosenza
reviewer: Willem van O.

The Austrian composer Franz Peter Schubert might have died at the age of 31,
he was an extremely prolific during his lifetime and… beyond!
To proof this beyond thing, this new release by a master of manipulation ‘Remo De Vico’ brings Schubert back from the dead in a modern day internet friendly way. Remo De Vico might claim that this is not the work a serious composer should publish, yet I believe it would be great if more serious composers would publish things that sound like this. I’m sure, Schubert would love how his work has been lifted, gained speed, and how the talented songstress ‘s voice on top is being processed to fit the fetishes of modern day internet lovers. This is classical music for the future and it seems that the future is happening right now…

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