IceJJfish – the youtube superstar

Artist: IceJJfish
keywords: pop, youtube superstar, rnb, hip-hop
words by: Armanda Bernands

Just like Justin Biebler ‘IceJJFish’ started his music career through the video sharing website YouTube. Since people are discovering his talented singing and dancing, he has continued to keep his newbie fans (and non-fans) hooked by being prolific in producing more music and video clips for our entertainment. As a fan I’ve been drooling each time a new videoclip pops up, making me dripping wet and exciting for the fishy future.

Of course there are many differences between the careers of Biebler and IceJJfish, first of all the looks and controversies. Biebler is famous for his egg loving neighbors, his boy/girl-ish baby face looks, his relationship with a monkey, and another one with someone named Selena Gomez (whoever that is). But IceJJfish is famous for his amazing unique manly voice, videos with large breasted ladies and fine buttocks,  his own incredible dance moves and rapping skills. I believe he appeals to a more adult crowd than the Biebler kids. but he is unfortunate a long way away to sold out tours with screaming fans and a spoiled attitude. I think he needs more attention, he needs bigger breasts dancing along his side, he might not have the baby face, but he has definitely the potential and the drive to conquer the entertainment music industry with ease.

But as IceJJfish continues to fill cyberspace with his performances, songs and collaborations it will only be a matter of time that even IceJJfish will fill the couch on the late night talk shows, hangs out over balconies to spit on gathered fans who are willing to receive it, and of course going through ground breaking and exhausting world tours picking up a couple of monkeys along the way.

It’s a matter of devotion and time, middle fingers to the millions of haters and cashing in. It will be a bright day when IceJJfish’s name will respectfully glitter & shine in the Hall Of Fame. As a fan I will be willing to place breast implants, lift up my ass and tattoo IceJJfish’ name around my nipples, just to get the opportunity to be featured in one of his amazing videos, helping him to go to the well-deserved next-level form of super stardom. Respect this hard working talent, ladies and gentleman throw yourself at his feet so he can walk and dance over us. Together we can let the Biebler’s fame fade out and IceJJfish fade in. Come on, look at IceJJfish’s fish suit; he freaking deserves world stardom!

If you can’t support IceJJfish sexually,
you might want to support his work by buying it through IceJJfishtunes
or just explore more videos from his official Youpoop account

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