Tantric Doctors – Tantric City

Artist: Tantric Doctors
title: Tantric City
keywords: experimental, electronica, free jazz, jazz, improvised, Sheffield
label: Artapes http://artapes.co.uk

Ff30edit is the first track on this album and does its ultimate best to do its intriguing magic on the ears. It’s what the label describes as ‘out of the box’ kind of music, but still has a sense of familiarity to it. You have to think of electronic avant-garde experimental sounds that for some reason sounds like vaporized jazz without those normal jazzy instruments. The more traditional sounding drumroll helps to get the flow rolling and the mind buzzy in recognition of this style, without it actually being possible; we’ve never heard this before, right?

Than we have ‘Bec8(jellyfish)EDIT’ which makes you want to forget that you are listening to music in music form, just as this is more like an soundtrack that is adventurous, pleasant and easily link able with a listeners imagination. My own perception is being sucked in a wonderful underwater fantasy world in which pretty informal percussion meet up with friendly atmospheric ambient that wouldn’t be out of place in tropical sea levels.

But the next track really gets me going as when listening to it, the backdoor opened and a family of black and white gooses with sunglasses walked in. I guess they had huge interest in the music that was coming out of the speakers as they moved their long necks in a swinging way with the nicely played music. I guess that this out of the box music is the stuff that gooses love.. In fact they didn’t even leave when the next track started to play. It’s a funky tune with the fittingly cool name ‘fuck em if they can’t take a joke’. The gooses danced their feathers off and I as an inspired listener joined them. It got funky Cookie Monster styled vocals, a swinging beat and it is basically the party music for people (and feathered friends) who appreciate the good vibes.

With ‘Margarine Landscape’ the intruding cool gooses sneaked out again, but I stayed to embrace this spiritual music that made me have visions of red prairies in the hot sun, cactuses, Indians on toy-pianos & Mexicans on flutes. I can imagine this being the music for a peyote session, very clean visions and there isn’t space for any bad thought. I like this place, so you might like it too (or if you are a goose, you might just go back to the precious funk tune and spin it on repeat..)

Sam7 (the mighty toad) is another track that deeply seems to flirt with a spiritual world, this time it feels like it’s gone a couple of steps further – exploring another layer of a dreamy mystical universe. One that has no time to stand still and moves along rather quickly into ‘Sam 5’. An experimental world of a work that comes across as a dream to learn from, something that isn’t easy going, something challenging; a dream with a challenge to conquer to avoid it turning into a nightmare. Once you come out of it you feel rich of survival technics, slight wisdom and perhaps a bit stuck in a sub form of reality.

But the album will not let you return to the normal business of every day just yet, as it will continue with music long and short, of a various kind that might be coming from a collective mind but transmitted by this artist through his own skills. There is laughing, there are voices, there are the sounds of mystery, of thumb pianos, of expressions that makes you want to scratch your behinds and wonder ‘what is this mysterious world that we know and is yet so unfamiliar?’ And where did the abstract jazz go? Severini2 is more like classical music while embracing the propaganda influence of magic mushrooms.

Than a moment of more recognizable drone ambient to inhale and exhale in. It’s a good thing, even though it feels as if there is a dark feeling hunting inside it, it also functions as a place to relax for a bit before jumping in the fancy panty jazzy free-based piano expressions in Severini 1. It’s very smooth and expressive, making me think fondly of Satie composing music for this funeral tour in which the coffin rolls down the hill and the funeral partakers have to run after it.

From here it’s a perfect transition to the other more light but just as effective fantasia track of piano playing. This one is named Sam9B and functions as another story telling journey that would perfectly fits an expressive silent movie. It’s very affective and good listening material to get sucked up in.

The last track is Sam 7 and isn’t the road to reality, but only takes its listeners even a step further down underground. Under that outside box and it’s a bit wet and dirty: making me feel impatient for the next album by this talented creator of boundary breaking music expressions. Highly recommend and easy to find and to hear at the following link:

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