Black Boss – EP1

Artist: Black Boss
title: EP1
keywords: lobit, hip-hop, experimental, ghetto, trap, hardcore, mainstream, 8ravens, lobit, 8kbps
label: 8Ravens
reviewer: Leo Obit

Black Boss’s EP1 is a fresh sounding new release on one of the most adored lobit netlabels; 8Ravens. A label that is specialized in releasing music in the format of 8 kbps, and has been doing this with great succes for as long as our memories can remember. But let’s focus on this brand new release by Black Boss which starts with the deep, light and heavy party anthem ‘Aint Yr Boss’ which is like the heavy rap making love to a friendly tease of summer vibes. It’s a good start for Black Boss, but it only gets better.. Much better even..

The tune ‘Submit Thy Black Boss’ takes up an modern electronic underground dance floor vibe with heavy synthetic base, heavy bad ass grooving and nice sounding attitude. Trying not to submit to Thy Black Boss is a mission impossible that not even Tom Cruise could beat.. The tune ‘Like What’ sounds more traditional in the deep hip-hop sense of the word, not that there is a lot of lobit hip-hop stars around, but with bosses like Black Boss opening the doors; it probably will swarm of hip-hop artists from all walks of life.

The last tune is my personal favorite, it’s an epic end and perhaps also an epic beginning for a new generation Black Boss fans. The title is ‘For thine is the power’ and goes straight for an assault on the dance floor, heavy beats, stirring out of control slaps in the face and above all perfectly hearable in this perfect sounding 8 kbps format. It’s a sign that this Black Boss is ready to kick everyone’s ass, no matter how soft, how little and how high the bitrates are!

A great moment for the 8Ravens label, as with commercial artists like Black Boss on board, there will be obviously a new group of groupies flocking this specific extreme lobit scene. The EP1 by Black Boss can be downloaded for free at the following link:

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