Black Matter Phantasm – )°(

artist: Black Matter Phantasm
title: )°(
keywords: HNW, harsh noise wall, video
reviewer: Mark X

Black Matter Phantasm (Joseph Szymkowiak) has created the perfect video’s to go with his two parts of )°(. They feature the right amount of nature, and perfectly brand the sound of his water sound source based HNW with something that is refreshing and thirst quenching. Here is part one for your enjoyment:

As you could see and hear; the force of a natural water flow superbly fits this grinding sound, making it an unstoppable mass that only stops when the video length runs out.
The lack of color in these video films is a +, as this means that the colorblind will be having the same experience as people who are able to see color. It helps if your ears could register sound, but Black Matter Phantasm’s )°( might be loud enough, to be heard even by people that experience problems with their hearing. Here is part 2 for your pleasure:

Big chance that these video’s will interest you enough to hear the complete album,
which features more of this HNW material, created with water sound as its source material. A method that basically makes you thirsty and tickles the bladder secretly by tricking it is full of natural resources. Here is another sound video for your reference:

Isn’t it a fantastic sight and sound? A force of nature and human working together in this HNW exploration? The water bubbles sparkle and the ears crackle along the way in harmony. If you need one more video to convince yourself how beautiful this all is,
then this might be your lucky day;

The forceful flow is really impressive, and these video clips are basically just visual snippets and outtakes of the complete audio output that you can hear when diving into the complete release. A release that you can obtain for a ‘name your own price’, which makes the gap between HNW loving millionaires and bums just a huge step tighter. Here is one last visual audio piece for your health and security:

and here is the most needed link that will bring you to the full length tracks that are featured in these fine videos:

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