Dayin – Letting Go of People

artist: Dayin
title: Letting Go of People
format: digital / tape (limited to 80)
keywords: ambient, sofia, drone, harsh drone, noise, Bulgaria
label: cosmic winnetou

Letting Go of People is about humans you wish you never met. Their voices are echoing inside, answering words you wish you never had to say. These thirty minutes, sliced into seven pieces are a reminder of not only all wrong choices you have ever made, but also of those mistakes, which are yet to follow. Dayin is about harsh drones and regret, but is mostly a relief.

Those words above are the official description that come with this pretty and easy listenable release done by this project named Dayin. Dayin is a side project of Mytrip, but does come across as having a similar high quality to its tracks that Mytrip has. ‘Deleting people’ from your social media pages, putting their mails in the trash folder and blocking unwanted family, ex friends, lovers and stalkers virtually to be never seen again could be easily achieved nowadays with the click of a mouse, memories or drastic wrong doings by hanging out in the wrong crowds in real life might be more difficult to remove from your mind, but just as the self claimed album concept kind of says; this music might just do the trick.

for 5 euro this  chrome tape, home-dubbed in real time. professionally printed j-card, artwork and layout by katya velkova. could be yours

for 5 euro this chrome tape,
home-dubbed in real time.
professionally printed j-card,
artwork and layout by katya velkova.
could be yours

First of all these pretty smooth drone ambient tracks are easy listenable in every situation, good to forget and focus on some kind of harmony in which unwanted elements aren’t invited, but it’s also a good soundtrack to indeed play when going for such a cleanup of contacts (virtual and in real life) . Do not murder, but just switch phone number, move to another house, another state or country, delete and ban unwanted ‘followers’ from your Instagram, shitter and fecesbook.

It’s a relief but to get rid of all can be a pain in the ass, but doing this massive cleanup while this album by Dayin plays, it seems more and more like a enjoyable form of relief; something that turns this ‘hard work’ into an overall pleasant activity. Smooth ambient drone to keep you companionship while you are on automatic pilot deciding which friend, acquaintance, family member, lover and random fake account might stay and which one will be removed from your own memory and virtual memory.

Do not worry if suddenly Dayin adds a little darkness to this solid collection of drones as that’s just the sound of ‘no turning back’ expressed through sound and music, doing all the stress work for you while you can keep on erasing, blocking and banning on this cloud of background stimulation. If you have removed everyone and have nothing and nobody left, you always have this album by Dayin as your friend.. Do not delete, ban, block or erase yourself or Dayin as without you dear reader, we would have nobody reading our reviews…
check it out and hear these fine tracks over here;
or if you are quick, get a physical copy from the label over here:

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