Premiere: Subburbia – Purple Weed

1artist: Subburbia
title:  Purple Weed ft. Matthew Molna
keywords: tropical goth, electronic, stoner, alternative, hip-hop

Ladies and gentle people,
but most of all ‘You’
a warm welcome at Yeah I Know It Sucks.
So glad you could make it.

Welcome at the World Premiere of Subburbia’s Purple Weed!
1Please do accept a glass of intoxicating bubbles,
take a good seat and pop some confetti as you are right on time for a very special happening.
We are all gathered here, with you as our main V.I.P guest, to celebrate the very first premiere video screening of Subburbia’s newest and hottest hit single ‘Purple Weed’!

Yes, that’s right we are popping champagne for a track inspired on purple weed,
but trust us, the music video clip is good enough to transform these bubbles into a fine stoned feeling.
1Before we give you the honor to cut the red ribbon and open the way for this video to go viral in the world of virtual reality, it would be a good moment to say something sensible about its content…

unfortunately we are out of sensible things.. so let’s just babble along..

Purple Weed is a song inspired by the ‘Can Summer’, a factual happening that happened in Brazil, 1988.
The coast of Brazil was flooded with cans that all had been filled up with marijuana, and rumor goes that this was the best weed that had ever existed. It’s hard to know if this is true as it probably got smoked up in a rapid speed,
but it was something that triggered Subburbia’s Emil Stresser (bass, electronics, vocals) and Marina Penny (Guitar , vocals) to make this brand new song (featuring Matthew Molnar) that we are celebrating here today, with you; as our honorable guest.
1Their style is bombastic in your face material, but for ‘Purple Weed’ you can also feel the influence of purple fumes, making the flow extremely comfortable while still being big on the speaker system. Subburbia have named their own music genre ‘tropical goth’ which is probably more inspired by the lights as seen through LSD visions than peeking into solar eclipses.
1The video that you will reveal here for the very first time, has everything that you can expect from Subburbia; colorful powerful images, computer graphics, stoned eyes, hypnotic circles, a tiara, big bongs, sexiness and a allround underground dirty vibe that indeed seems highly tropical, especially for people unfamiliar with this side of party life style…
1It really fits the song, which does its ultimate best to bounce its rhythm to make its listeners feeling as one in the beautiful trash-vile. The rhymes, the endorphins of stoner words is highly effective, so it might be that some of us will be feeling it in their bum holes and can’t stop generating new sexy dance moves while partying to the vibe of ‘Purple Weed’.
1Now, please honorable guest.. please virtually cut the invisible ribbon and press the ‘play’ button to festively reveal this wonderful new Subburbia ‘Purple Weed’ music video clip for the very first time, ever:

Hooray! Congratulations, you have done it! You have unleashed the beast!
Let’s play it on repeat,
share it with friends, spread it among enemies, and get those vibes out there!
If you need them, Subburbia is on facebook, twitter and of course Youtube

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