straktobeamartist: STRAKTOBEAM
title: Melange
keywords: synthpop, cosmic, vintage, synthesizer, electronic,
reviewer: Willem van O.

STRAKTOBEAM is a group of self claimed stargazers from Finland who built their own spaceship out of vintage synthesizers in order to make cosmic synth-pop, and guess what? Their mission succeeds as their brand of synth pop is solid and a must hear. Please jump in your space costume as it seems that we are all invited to jump on board for a nice and smooth ride.. Their music makes the stars in the sky twinkle, and that love that everyone has for old fashioned synthesizers; shiny and new.



In 2014 they dropped a lovely package of this cosmic synth pop back to earth, it might not been opened or noticed by most earthly citizens, but as it has settled itself on the corners of Youtube it is never to late to pick it up and enjoy it as if its fresh material. Who can resist the vocoder vocals, the energetic tightness and the woozy retro activity that is also known as ‘good vibes’? Of course I’m blobbing away over the fantastically charged ‘Midnight Run’ which captured 36 thumbs up and is waiting for more of them.

Also in 2014 the stargazers had nailed a pretty uptempo robo-vibe with a tune and accompanying happy and uplifting video for their ‘Megaman vs Straktoman’ which with its happy clapping, is for sure something that can be called an effective and addicted form of Fun! Robots playing cards and drinking while going through various levels of adventurous action is toe-tapping material not to miss out on:

But now in the futuristic year of 2015, these fresh sounding cosmic loving retro lovers are back with a brand new tune and videoclip. This time the STRAKTOBEAM team takes us on an space adventure with the help of printed 3D models, creating a world so spectacular that even George Lucas would watch it with a notebook making notes for future Starwars animation ideas. The graphics and story told in the video clip might be enough to get the viewers glued to the screen, but it is the actual track ‘Melange’ that does a great job being catchy in a super sweet and simply to the point way. It’s very laid back with its less than fancy beat, fitting smooth and retro melody that goes in the head and stays there bouncing around for a long time. It has again an empowering feel good vibe, good for the dance floor or any other exciting activity. Personally, I think it sounds absolutely sexy.

If you have fallen for the synthesizer sexiness and are dying to hear more,
it appears that these adventurous cosmic melody explorers have a soundcloud account right here on the internet, and they are also likable on the futuristic site called Facebook.
or just launch yourself into deep cyber space and explore more STRAKTOBEAM communications on youtube.

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