Archaic Earth – Hiraeth

Artist: Archaic Earth
title: Hiraeth
keywords: ambient, folk, experimental folk, nature recording, Canada

An email revealing the question of ‘is this music?’ send me on a digital journey that didn’t need a bit of planning or a proper pair of mountain shoes. It was just a matter of clicking with a mouse on the provided link, and the question was answered quite directly. Yes, this is music alright. How could someone not be certain that it indeed was music? With a re-check it can only be the music maker himself that has doubts; but do not doubt no more about your tracks as if music was your goal, it certainly had been reached in a successful way.

The first piece was convincing enough that it was music, but it didn’t start with music straight away. No, no. First it was a nice setup of the sound of breaking waves arriving at the shore. It’s the sounds like this that always brings some kind of setting that sailors could identify with, add the fake or real calls of seagulls to this trend setting mood and you can simply smell the fish, the sea salted air of the harbor life style around it. This could be enough for our entertainment, but the artist had to dig deeper and went through the welcoming hassle to play nice music on top. Music? Yes, most definitely. Thanks to this track we can easily close our eyes and envision the pretty seaside setting being occupied by some kind of multi-talented music maker doing its thing. I imagine a hat for tips on the ground, filled with coins and fish and a group of seagulls twirling above it.

The second track is not treated with the sea, water or birds. They have been left out from the cutting table to do another closer attempt of making this form called music. It’s good as the bunch isn’t needed to create this pretty atmosphere form of nostalgia that keeps occupying the nose and most likely the ears.This time it is violins or cellos (or instruments that could be family of them) who rule the scenery. It is sounding almost Irish, Scottish, outlandish which gives the great impression that we have moved from the seaside more land inwards. Here nice views of green hills and music that echo’s between the lower valleys are being formed, pleasing anyone who have an affection for this kind of beauty, or simply needs some music instead of a healthy holiday. Is this music? Or vacation?
Then we have another experiment with a short track named ‘MacLir’s Cloak’ which  is another folk-ish fairy tale kind of minstrel music,  telling perhaps hard coded story about a boat wreck. Perhaps it is telling something else, but whatever it wants to tell us, it is communicated in (I hate to disappoint you) music.

The track Persues’ Candles’ sets in a mood for a muddy evening among the frogs. It’s the stuff that fits a drink and a campfire, an undergoing sun and a costume from medieval times would be a plus for the adding listening experience, but however is far from necessary. It’s precisely what the tags say, experimental folk music with natural recordings that are easy to listen if that was indeed on your agenda.

Temp Da Mouraria brings in another touch of Mother Nature, and that touch is filled with a couple of birds (the one with beaks and feathers) that do their own thing. From there the track enfolds like a percussion based exploration for the chilled out that enjoy music that fits classical elements in a soundtrack kind of way. Music that wants to tell you a story, although it isn’t visually enough to tell us explicit what the story should be. In my personal case I received it as a scene of market goers in the old times, very relaxed as if time had skipped this place and the smell of the old days had swollen like a left over banana in a time-capsule.

The last track might be trickier in the music zone, as it indeed comes across as music, but then slightly slips in another direction. It was something that came perhaps a bit unexpected and out of nowhere; a ghostly appearance in sound and atmosphere. It kind of freaked me out a little to be honest, as it was so different than the other music explorations on this release, but hey I guess encounters like this are the ones that keep you alive, awake and ready for the unknown. So yes, this is music and if you don’t believe me, then you are free to check it out for yourself at the following link:

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