System 09 – 8kbps

Artist: System 09
title: 8kbps
keywords: 8kbps, lobit, hardcore, noise, experimental
label: Very Nice Noise
reviewer: Leo Obit

With the promise of having a true Lo-fi lobit album, there is this one dooming up in the line lights. It’s more then one hour long, and inspired by ‘Cat as Furry Theremin’ ‘s 32 kbps release, it is all done in the 8kbps sound. After an enthusiastic beginning, my enthusiastic behavior stumbled enough while listening to this album towards a death wish. Here is a live report from the listening session;

An tremendous amount of excitement will enter the ears upon digging into the first strong lived tune by System 09. It is an instant lift off and probably wilder than a trip with Captain Kirk and crew. It also happens to be more hands on material as if the spacecraft is for one or two persons only and holy moly… Holy moly what a feast it is to have suddenly bumped in this exciting work of action. It is a arrival of what appears to be a recording of a rave and we can pick up snippets as if we are peeping toms with ears instead of eyes.

The second track is well known in the headquarters of the lobit fanclub, being frequently played at the one and only Tibol Lobit Radio show and at lobit conferences. It must be the powerful pumping hardcore beat and the energetic demonstrating voice of a American who really does love his beloved America.murica
Of course after such a beat attack there should be more, which is exactly given by this obviously nice producer. The pretty hardcore pumper seduces delicate feet into jumping and bouncing in the great hope of moving the entire earth more closer to the sun, or moon.. (It depends which one of the two the listener is facing..)

After enough jumping time, it is time for more jumping. These active sessions of moving to effective lobit hardcore will bring the smell of sweat from under the armpits. This smell will turn funny when the beats gets to meet a jolly melody, so please hold on and continue to kick jump your feet while getting high from your own armpit odor.
A little intermezzo is always appreciated, especially if it functions to be a bridge between one music style and another. On the other side of the bridge we get a glimpse of dark but humanistic aunt Dracula core that slides his teeth over the speed controller. We go hyper quick, super slow and then it is over.

Here the album turns into a kind of void, a blurry reminder of the former aunt Dracula theme, but now without beat, and more like a prostate full of heavy clouds that really need to pee.

The music flips into a new track, something that could be made for a large crowd on a dance festival, with a traditional techno baseline and the 4/4 pounding beat stomping its way through the tents. The track performed in the pleasant 8kbps sound gives the impression that we endorse this party while wearing sound absorbing earplugs.

the effect of listening while wearing earplugs without wearing earplugs can be experienced throughout this release...

the effect of listening while wearing earplugs without wearing earplugs can be experienced throughout this release…

Suddenly it’s more about the part crew themselves screaming obscenities like ‘whoohoo’ and ‘oohoo’ , ‘oaaaawwwwww’ and ‘yoohoo’.. It’s obviously a sign that this concert is one that is enjoyed by all the party people that had the honor to be attending; we listeners tuned in at home however could turn a bit jealous.

From here the album starts to turn more blurred, more pointing a finger in our ears as if telling ‘you should have been here when this was recorded’. It is still a nice void to hang in although it is clear that we have been missing out something that couldn’t really be captured in this beloved format. But if you listen carefully it sounds as if it wasn’t such a bad idea to have missed it as some kind of audio eating monster seems to have stumbled in to eat the attending party goers. We can hear it scream like a tiger, after it ate hot chili sauce for the first time.

After the diarrhea sound action, the hardcore beat is back again for a salute. It is a good idea to enjoy this moment as after it the muffled monster seems to take the appearance of a talking television and blabs and brags content that is far from being understandable.

hi, there folks

hi, there folks

Beats, (especially the one with speed behind it) then pump it up like a most welcomed machine gun. Or is it the recording of a propeller of a helicopter that turns around for a little sightseeing. Anything to either kill or function as a escape from the return of the audio monster would be welcome at this point in time. The monster returns once more and he seems mad.. As if he is angry that there are still listeners listening to this lengthy album and he isn’t happy about it. There is a lot of screaming, some megaphone announcements, panicky yelling and a lot of dataloss that scraps the ears from the inside out.

Just when my ears think that this release starts to suck, the excitement returns with a little bombastic-ness, a wink to the first space flight that appealed in the first track. Not to give too much hope for relief as than the release rolls in another collection of fast placed muffled hardcore kicks.

And then what happends? Rammstein! It’s Rammstein appearing in 8kbps and the monster seems to be munching it up, destroying it with lobit kicks, science fictional demands and typical fuzz. Never had the urge to listen to an album of Rammstein, but suddenly it seems appealing.. Unfortunately they are now consumed by this unforgiving lobit beast..

The friendly fellows of Rammstein

The friendly fellows of Rammstein

The album is one hour long, but  comes across as even longer. Even though being a fan of the 8kbps sound, to listen to this release from start to finish is not an easy task. Not that the ears will close or switch off by themselves, the moments of excitements are just a bit sporadic making me wish that I was Rammstein and that the lobit beast that comes in and out of the void captured in these tracks, would have come to eat me too. Before tearing me apart, please bite my neck off, so I can hold my head in my arms while delivering you the link to this monstrous 8kbps album

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