Chimney Crow – Maggots

maggotsartist: Chimney Crow
title: Maggots
keywords: electronic, alternative, indie, pop,

Yesterday YIKIS received a message from the manager of Electric Phantom, telling us that the latest music video for a track by Chimney Crow is out and about for everyone to see and hear. The video clip is around 2 minutes in length, but the journey of recommended videos that Youtube selects for us is tremendously long. So long that we didn’t have time to report any new stuff yesterday, browsing one non-music video after another..

From interesting videos featuring hard-to-unsee footage of maggots inside a hand, maggots eating away n a foot, maggots inside a little girls mouth, maggots inside someone’s scalp.. After passing out watching this maggot fest, dreams and nightmares featuring maggots came in the night, and by morning  the video for ‘Maggots’ by Chimney Crow seems like a mild video compared to the gruesome recommendations the evil minds of Youtube shoved into our receiptors.

This intensive hard to watch journey definiately makes this song and video by Chimney Crow more appreciated, pleasant even.. so be careful going for the recommendational tour, (as it is so time consuming) but be glad that you have Chimney Crow’s maggots to relax in at the beginning and the very end. Here is ‘Maggots’ by Chimney Crow;

This is the sixt song from Chimney Crow’s album ‘Chimney Crow is a Band’, which you can order and obtain from the Electric Phantom label.. It’s a good destraction from the maggot part of Youtube, so check it out!

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