Being a fan of Will Glaser

1artist: Will Glaser
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words by: Tiny Tina (a teenage fan of Will Glaser)

Many people don’t know it, but I’m a huge fan of drummer/percussionist and yoga lover Will Glaser. I have pictures of him obtained through obscure black market deals, enlarged them and printed at poster format to fully cover my bedroom wall with stunning Will Glaser headshots. In my book he is the best rhythmic performer of all time, handsome, efficient with the drumsticks and a master of all trades percussion wise.

As a huge fan I’ve been trying to keep an eye on his tremendous career, following every move and showing up at every gig that he is a part off. However, shy as I am.. I have actually never met or spoken to the guy.. I’ve been spending my time hiding in the background, enjoying his art, his spectacular musicianship and tremendous aura from a distance.

In the shadows of the internet I found a safe place to highlight some of my findings.
Perhaps if you’d like it too, we could start up an official ‘Will Glaser’ fan club?
If you’d never heard of him, (which is crazy!) you might want to hear him laying down some very splendid grooves to shake your booty on. ‘Morning Glory’ , a little piece by Mathew Herd and Will Glaser is such an effective tune, it’s even tagged as ‘Tune’. Tune in and see if this will make your body tremble:

Yeah, I know you are feeling it, right? If you are interested in some pictures, posters, postcards with Will Glaser on it you can always try to contact me.. I mean a drummer with such style is hard not to hang on your wall as some kind of a rhythmic super hero. Check this other Matthew Herd vs Will Glaser track out.. It’s called ‘Marlon Brando’ which was I believe, also someone who has been used for bedroom decoration..

Lately I’ve been tremendously enjoying his contribution in the band Fabled. Their debut EP is so smooth, very relaxing traditional jazz full of harmony, warm atmosphere and very nice to hear as it is so light and sunny. When I hear this album I think of old atmospheric cafe’s, brewing fresh beers, lovely people, a sun outside and a fire inside.. It is really pretty, taking my head on some kind of dreamy story..
Will Glaser works here together with Sam Rapley (who plays the beautiful Saxophone / clarinet parts) , Alex Munk (guitar) , Matt Robinson (the lovely piano keys), Conor Chaplin (the Bass).. It’s a great working relationship of musicians that simply brings out the best of this jazzy cinematic classiness.. Really as a beginning Will Glaser fan, and a lover for music done with a soul and heart, you should definitely give it a try:

Next to this pretty EP, my almost stalking love for the music contributions coming out of the talented drumming percussionist Will Glaser had stumbled upon a new addiction. It’s a track in which Will Glasser is the one responsible for the drums and percussion on a very beautiful new song crafted, created, sung and performed by the lovely Bloom. Can you imagine how thrilled I was hearing Will Glaser shining in this wonderful song? I was so thrilled that I was simply over the moon about it.

I’ve been staring at the printed Will Glaser printouts on my wall, while leaving my window curtains open so the moon light could shine in and light up the many pictures that he has been starring in. This pretty sight with this lovely song which (out-of-all-things) is called ‘Pale Moon Golden Light’ playing on repeat, has brought me much pleasure and comfort. The song is magic, very sincere and honest sounding. Bloom’s voice is so lovingly intertwined with the piano and glockenspiel, that it goes directly into your heart, so soothing, wonderful and very intimate.

a little look inside my teenage bedroom

a little look inside my teenage bedroom

Next to a stunning intimate performing Bloom, Paul Tkachenko (another hunk many teenagers have decorated their bedrooms with) has provided the double bass to the song. It’s good to know that the song has been in good hands by being recorded by Joe Leach, and produced by Sam Ritchie.. But of course Will Glaser was the key to find out about this wonderful soul friendly warming song, which I’m entirely grateful for.. He is the Golden Light in my life, even if he doesn’t know it…
Hear this beautiful song over here;

Will Glaser is available for all to follow and to see on Twitter and you can also find him on

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2 Responses to Being a fan of Will Glaser

  1. J Dejohnette says:

    So happy to see that Will’s talent and hard work has been recognised at last. Congrats dude! Bless.

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