Jelle Buma – Sweach

1Artist: Jelle Buma
Title: Sweach
Keywords: drums, groove, noise, experimental, beats, video

Forget the Das Autobahn from the robot lovers named Kraftwerk, and focus on the autobahn presented in the video for ‘Sweach’ by drummer Jelle Buma. These graphics are just as great (might be even better..) and brought some fancy video effects to the music clip too. These visuals are graphic and memorable, but it’s Jelle Buma himself who steals the scene. He sits and plays his drumkit while noises stimulate him to go wherever the track is going.. You can see that Jelle has everything tightly under control, holding himself in at the beginning and let himself go more towards the end. It’s the massive buildup, the secure tightness and concentration that makes this tune into such a mind boggling form of madness.

Mister Buma moves his head from left to right while never dropping a drumstick on the floor, he has the look of someone who is in upper concentration, of someone you don’t want to disturb in the middle of a drum session like this. He might be the kind of person who liquidate any intruder that isn’t part of the rhythm plan and uses their skin for a future new drum kit.

But who in the right mind would want to disturb Jelle Buma while he is on the roll like this? He is obviously dedicated to bring the best, hitting every kick, snare and high-hat in the finest precision.. And the result is tremendous, very up-sweeping material that might as well get an old iron factory in Tillywood moving and dancing.

It’s either that, or a crowd with their mouths shut tight watching the drummer madness with respect.. Just pray that no intoxicated clown (or you?) will get Jelle Buma out of his concentration at the upcoming Gifgrond party (happening this Saturday at uh Gifgrond, The Netherlands) , as the clown might end up with a couple of drumsticks inside his or her anus.

If you are a well behaved mad person who happens to be in the neighborhood; it’s a recommended performance to see and hear, but please be aware that any disturbance to Jelle Buma’s hard work will be a very risky business to get yourself involved in. Rumor goes that the venue has their own dumping ground for toxic waste, and if Jelle Buma needs to ‘waste’ you for a reason, the owners will be happy to take care of the stuff Jelle has no good use for. Your bones will probably turn up as decoration, ashtrays, soup bowls and cutlery… Might be even recycled as drumsticks.. Here is the video, watch it from start to finish with the volume up and ears open; don’t piss off Jelle Buma!


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