Mambo Melon – Metro Jungle

artist: Mambo Melon
title: Metro Jungle
cat: Fe 007
format: CD / digital
keywords: experimental, idm, electronic, flute, indie, mashup, trio, Saluzzo
label: Factum Est Records
reviewer: Mark X

This happy product by Mambo Melon is making people happy in an instant.
If you need some of it, the only thing you have to do is play it out loud.
I have no idea how to describe the music, other than it’s happy and active material.
There are elements of rock, psychedelic weirdness, arcade machine retroness, good rolling vibes  and what Italians call ‘protopop-funk. The bass guitar is laying some heaviness on those tracks, making them the caterpillars that holds this delicious madness together.
I’m dancing too hard to keep my fingers on the keyboard to type stuff,
and I suggest you to do the same.. tune in here:
and get the real deal (with hand painted cover) over here:

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