Null : Void – “So…Can I Date Your Daughter?”

Artist: Null : Void
Title: “So…Can I Date Your Daughter?”
cat: CR#89
keywords: music, electronic, industrial, reggae, techno, netlabel
label: cOmaRecOrdz
reviewer: Mark X

For the people that are into oddball music, the Null : Void project’s latest release ‘So…Can I Date Your Daughter?’ is one to check out. But before you contact Null : Void back with a firm ‘yes’ , daughter-wise; you might want to know that Null : Void is not one person. Null : Void is MC Town Drunk (vocals & caterwauling) and Doctor Mario (keyboards, guitars, laptops, & treatments), both wanting to date your daughter at the same time. I don’t know much about MC Town Drunk but presume he likes to drink alcoholic drinks, and Doctor Mario might be good at plumbing, baking pizzas and operating princesses.. Marriage material? Might be!

Anyway let’s move on to the actual music, which is promising material.
Also their statement that comes with this album is proof that this is not a fluff album, but also a statement with a certain goal.  Why not appreciate it and read it yourself:

This a strange little collection of songs. Three are more industrial flavored. The other three are more club flavored. They’re all still pretty dark. The real purpose of writing things like this, was to “de-popify” some genres. Pop music is an evil genre. It just knows that it feeds…kind of how a shark operates. So, I wanted to return punk back to punk, techno back to techno, reggae back to reggae. The pop monster machine has co-opted all of these genres to turn a fast buck, and I ain’t havin’ it.

The first track is a right one, fisting the ears with sweet industrial upbeat material, including fitting singing with sweet little distortion and energetic acid like tweets as the baseline. The tune is called ‘it’s over now’ which might refers to the search for a potential dating partner for your daughter. (If you don’t have one you might want to dress up like one and pretend to be your daughter, as the music of these two lads is pretty likable material in the alternative front.

The second track is one that would suit a sexy dance, it’s light and yet dark. Being industrial with house vibes and an appearance of a talking answering machine. There is also a moan by a female character that adds to the idea that Null : Void are good in bed, and have no complaints or nagging previously dated daughters on their answering machine. It looks and sounds good for the people behind Null : Void..

The third track is really nice, it’s like MC Town Drunk is walking us around town meeting the lesser blessed and finding out on how many prescription drugs they are on. In all fairness, it makes the people look sick and f#cked, but the pleasant warm voice of our guide actually helps to form an idea of a decent person at work here. If I had a daughter, I would let her date MC Town Drunk after she swallows her anxiety pills.

The next track has pretty funky percussion that somehow perfectly suits a distorted hardcore kick. It’s a playful work that fits the idea of it being ‘monkey’ music. I could be wrong but for some reason I have the image of Null : Void creating a track that would suit a old school club of bold headed XTC minded rave heads enjoying their time escaping their own minds. I’m not offended, ashamed as I feel like picking up a bongo and peel a banana while relieving such iconic ravers delights.

The ‘Sandanista’ track is more a tune than a track, going for a punk ass dub reggae industrial vibe that sounds like a perfect workable combination. Vibration, Rasta nation, celebration in the nation.. Sorry, I was just feeling it.. It sounds like the exodus to escape the worst parts of our lives and find a new one.

The last work is ‘Imperial Code’ which beat tremendously remind me to the part in which the Techno Viking start to love and feel the beat in that legendary viral street rave video. An image that is difficult to be unseen, but as there is lots of grooving going on; you might forget about him and get your own techno Viking vibes out and wiggle to that groove. If daughters wants to date Null : Void, then they for sure have my blessing as they are sounding pretty dope! Get this release for free at the link below:


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