Dani House – Pow! (Bam Boom Bang)

Artist: Dani House
Title: Pow! (Bam Boom Bang)
Keywords: alien pop, experimental, Lo-fi, glitch, video
Reviewer: Ali Blahblah

Alien music maker and colorful entertainer Dani House his music video for his hot single Pow! (Bam boom bang) fom the ‘Hey, It’s Springtime!’ album is something that makes me want to be all modern. You know these ultra-thin flat screen tv’s that look like a glass canvas painting that you can hang on your wall? Some might even own one, or multiple (after all we are living in the future..) , but despite my paranoia for television screens, this music video from Dani House really makes me think to get one.. Not to watch television: Not in a billion years! But to hang on my wall and let it play this video by Dani House on repeat. I’m not sure how it could be technically done, but it could be done: a screen for only Dani House his ‘Pow!’ on the wall..

Why? Did you see it? This video clip.. If you would make stills from this video, you will understand that every screen shot is a piece of modern art. Glitch art, modern, abstract, young, fresh, personal and decorative.. Every print screen could be a poster, but why not have this whole clip as a moving piece of art on the wall? And the music that inspired this video is just as fun fitting that it also could be heard on repeat, making radio stations and other music redundant with such an art installation on the wall.

I’m seriously thinking about getting this thing for real.. But for now I will use my old school dial up modem and ancient Atari St home computer to stream this video directly from Dani House his YouTube account. If I could only flatten the screen and hang it on the wall… A steamroller might be good for the deal, but will the thing still work while flattened? Anyhow, check this out;

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