artist: Brk
title: IIIIII
keywords: energostatic, techno, dub techno, ambient
label: Energostatic
reviewer: Mark X

The start of Brk’s IIIIII is a super smooth work that slowly feeds a pulsing sound wave that functions as a rhythm that your heartbeat can follow and the mind can loosen itself into. It’s very warm, and has an almost mind controlling sleepy vibe over it. When you are settled in and safely tucked away in the mindset that Brk wants you to be in, the release brings a piece that goes for a dubby techno beat. Strangely this techno ambient mix is just as smooth as the beat-less hypnotizing beginning, feeding the ears a rhythm that fits the grainy technology projected on its front cover. It makes me feel like being on a train to dreamland, passing through landscapes that aren’t eye-openers but more like moving blurry images that whisper ‘relax and go to sleep’.

The last part of the EP feels more deeper, more as if it is now feeding new dreamlike information for when its listeners are not totally conscious of what is happening. A kick goes steady forward with kicking while accentuation high hats twirl around like seducing sisters. They are lovingly surrounded with this techno synthesis that oozes the headspace making my mind escape the train as it starts to float above ground like a circular unidentified flying object. It’s all transparent, no heavy movement, no epic shaking or heaviness; it’s just one techno inflicted ambient dream that you can enter by tuning into the flow of Brk’s IIIIII

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2 Responses to Brk – IIIIII

  1. Caffeinate says:

    Holy crap this is amazing o.o

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