Outsider Leisure – Сны Митасова

artist: Outsider Leisure
title: Сны Митасова
keywords: experimental, electronic
label: Picpack

Outsider Leisure’s release is one friendly, crazy, outsider adventure of adventurous sounding music.
It’s the music that I had been searching for all day, but couldn’t find; and now I had found it. Because this release is so enjoyable and recommended; I thought to instead of reviewing it in the classic way, to just donate each track with a little track-inspired speed drawing. Are you ready? Here we go:

01 Epiletic Drums:
102- I Saw You Dancing:
103-Десятая Cпица:
104-Кто-то Вышел:
105-Ода Солипсизму:
106-Пирог Доброты:
107-Сны Полярных Сов:
108-Сон Митасова:
109-Сон Митасова II:
110-Сон Митасова III:
So yeah.. that was my review for the tracks on this album…
Be sure to check the release out as it is free and pretty inspiring:

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1 Response to Outsider Leisure – Сны Митасова

  1. Linda says:

    Kai, you are such a talented reviewer! You pick interesting releases to review and you can review as good in words as in pictures! You leave me speechless…

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