Pink Punk Boy – What The Fuck Is Sweetcore?

artist: Pink Punk Boy
title: What The Fuck Is Sweetcore?
cat: DCRPS065
keywords: sweetcore, hardtek, rave, horrorcore, dancecore, mashcore, rave, gabber, happy hardcore, sad hardcore
label: Dance Corps
reviewer: Mark X

What the fuck is sweetcore? I guess Pink Punk Boy knows exactly what it is. It might be even so that this full length free downloadable album with this questionable question as its title, is basically presenting you ‘sweetcore’ for the full amount of 11 tracks. Better be all f*cked up on some illegal speed injecting substance, or avoid it at all cost (good job as it is free!) if it isn’t ringing your bell. (headaches might occur when listening to this at the right moment in time..)

it can happen to you...

it can happen to you…

For what my ears can identify, these tunes are made for on the dance floor, but any other floor would do fine. Even grass, sand, wood, gravel, pink fluffy carpets etc.. But it’s good to be into something very upbeat, with tons of Polish punk flavor and cuteness all catered for a paranoid speedy raving crowd. There are elements of hardtek, rave, happy hardcore and some parts sound like they are coming straight from the mental asylum. (Or perhaps might make you want to go and visit one, in the hope to find some nice peace and quietness…)

The hardcore gabbers from the early times might think that this is the music for pussies, but it isn’t a bad thought after all its a bit like the music a cute little pink kitty high on speed who is bouncing all over the walls in an adorable rage would enjoy listening too. Mind you, this must be a pinky little pussy cat and probably with eyes big like coals from a mixture of pills and dopamine.

^ Hello Kitty!

^ Hello Kitty!

But as you can witness in the official video clip for one of the songs featured on the sweetcore album; pink pussy cats are not the only ones who dig this stuff -adorable sweet looking dogs are getting hyped up from it too.

If you are into this sweet dancecore or are in the mood for a nonstop punch in the ears, a pumping flow of pink punk power puff that should fans of the genre all bubbled up and ready to party; then this album is a good place to start. It is indeed highly educational in the Sweetcore genre and if you dig it, pretty good material to get that blood in your system pumping.

You can download this album for free over here:

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