title: Split
format: CD
keywords: noise, grind, split, experimental, avant-garde, free improvisaton, Panama City
label: Fork and Spoon Records

We fall in a drastic hole that drains us straight into a downright spiral. This is just the introduction and that means only one thing; there is so much more to come.

Do not panic or scream, as these tracks by REZEEGTUNK probably out scream you. In this noise nobody can hear you, so better just enjoy the ride with all your might and pride. They are short and effective, leaving no millisecond unattached, providing a brewing shot of energy that might make you feel as if you’ve just poked with a fork (or a spoon) in a electricity socket. Electrifying shorty’s that are rushing through, without sounding as if they are rushed. Might people call this quality noise, or are these electric noise shots f#cking with my brain?

A true example of a dedicated DIY release, one-of-a-kind and very limited (only 20 pieces in the world!) .

To top it off with style the last honorable tune is provided by PISSDEADS, which does everything to be felt through the shock waves in order to pee yourself to dead, while heavily vibrating your body as if you were seated on an electric chair. A wild assault of fanatic drums completely sugarcoated in distortion is the trigger of this all natural spasm attack, and instead of crying about it; why not jump on board and support the DIY scene by ordering this one-of-a-kind energetic noise release from the Fork and Spoon record label? Each item is hand labeled and doodled upon making this not only a great wake up call audio wise, but also a feast for the eye in every respected noise/grind collection.

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