Son Of Salami – Videos

Artist: Son Of Salami
Title: None, this is just a bunch of videos
Label: Various
Cat#: N/A
Keywords: Industrial, Cassettes, Lo-Fi, Noise
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

In the mood for some eco-destruction a la early Cabs or Babyland? This lo-fi industrial shit cassette noise should satisfy!

Over a clicking no-fi drum track and some grungy synth noise we see people out in the woods going mano a árbol. It’s a battle of brawn vs. bark that will keep you riveted and probably also make you feel like losing your bowels. “Kill mother nature, before she kills you!”

The Captain
Next, we’ve got this one…

It’s pretty accurate.

This one’s got a nice experimental fresh look and feel. But, when you break it down, it’s really an emotional piece. It’s kind of teetering on the edge of being a tear-jerker while also being like a public access music video show on severe doses of acid, and it’s beautiful.

Oh, here’s another one!..

This reminds me of the Beach Boys.

But, here’s the most important video of them all, an 11 minute information / education video on properly utilizing a portable cassette recorder. This should make you appreciate everything you’ve witnessed here on a level far beyond mere aesthetics.

All of this stuff is highly inspirational for me, and I’m really missing my portable cassette player/recorder now.

Cassette culture forever!

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2 Responses to Son Of Salami – Videos

  1. kainobuko says:

    Wow this is a fun collection. As a treehugger the violence in the first video turned my stomach upside down, but the music turned it the other way again so no puke had to come out. Loved the pizza!

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