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Norwood Grimes – I Hate Myself and Want Bono to Die

artist: Norwood Grimes title:  I Hate Myself and Want Bono to Die keywords: Norwood Grimes, real music, devotional, experimental Guard: Hey hey! What’s the secret password? Did you say ‘Boners for Bono?’ .. That is correct! Please continue… <you are … Continue reading

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Dani House – Pow! (Bam Boom Bang)

Artist: Dani House Title: Pow! (Bam Boom Bang) Keywords: alien pop, experimental, Lo-fi, glitch, video Reviewer: Ali Blahblah Alien music maker and colorful entertainer Dani House his music video for his hot single Pow! (Bam boom bang) fom the ‘Hey, It’s … Continue reading

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Mvsic plays with Alice

artist: Mvsic title: plays with Alice keywords: soundtrack, improvisation, movie,noise, rhytm, sound carpets, Frank Masmeijer might be a huge celebrity in the Netherlands, his far away uncle Jan Swankmeyer has reached world fame all over the globe. His stop motion … Continue reading

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Null : Void – “So…Can I Date Your Daughter?”

Artist: Null : Void Title: “So…Can I Date Your Daughter?” cat: CR#89 keywords: music, electronic, industrial, reggae, techno, netlabel label: cOmaRecOrdz reviewer: Mark X For the people that are into oddball music, the Null : Void project’s latest release ‘So…Can … Continue reading

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Jelle Buma – Sweach

Artist: Jelle Buma Title: Sweach Keywords: drums, groove, noise, experimental, beats, video Forget the Das Autobahn from the robot lovers named Kraftwerk, and focus on the autobahn presented in the video for ‘Sweach’ by drummer Jelle Buma. These graphics are … Continue reading

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Mambo Melon – Metro Jungle

artist: Mambo Melon title: Metro Jungle cat: Fe 007 format: CD / digital keywords: experimental, idm, electronic, flute, indie, mashup, trio, Saluzzo label: Factum Est Records reviewer: Mark X This happy product by Mambo Melon is making people happy in … Continue reading

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Being a fan of Will Glaser

artist: Will Glaser keywords: drummer , percussionist, tune maker, jazz, words by: Tiny Tina (a teenage fan of Will Glaser) Many people don’t know it, but I’m a huge fan of drummer/percussionist and yoga lover Will Glaser. I have pictures … Continue reading

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Jacowe – Het Matriarchaat

Artist: Jacowe title: Het Matriarchaat keywords: experimental, smk024, confessional, cult, jacco, Leiden label: Smikkelbaard reviewer: Herr Wiener Schnitzel Americans, the English and other non-Dutch speaking world inhabitants will have a blast listening to this release by Jacowe. Not that … Continue reading

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Chimney Crow – Maggots

artist: Chimney Crow title: Maggots keywords: electronic, alternative, indie, pop, Yesterday YIKIS received a message from the manager of Electric Phantom, telling us that the latest music video for a track by Chimney Crow is out and about for everyone … Continue reading

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System 09 – 8kbps

Artist: System 09 title: 8kbps cat:VNN-058 keywords: 8kbps, lobit, hardcore, noise, experimental label: Very Nice Noise reviewer: Leo Obit With the promise of having a true Lo-fi lobit album, there is this one dooming up in the line lights. … Continue reading

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