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Vomir / Nascitari – Sameness

Artist: Vomir / Nascitari title: Sameness cat: WARD011 format: c60 cassette keywords: experimental, harsh noise, harsh noise wall, Rome, HNW label: Signora Ward Records The creation of a good Harsh Noise Wall is a difficult art so devine, that … Continue reading

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Pulsar – Under The Wing Of An Angel (mix)

artist: Pulsar title: Under The Wing Of An Angel (mix) cat: (02 label 04 – 099) keywords: new age, electronic label: O2 Label reviewer: Willem van O. There she sits, her wings open wide.. Which side of her wings will … Continue reading

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BlackONwhite – Vision of Oblivion

artist: BlackONwhite title: Vision of Oblivion keywords: experimental, guitars, percussion, psychedelic, trance, Roxbury Township reviewer: Willem van O. This creature is Rick Hoffman, a fine artist of original rock and roll portraits, and above all a very seasoned and skilled … Continue reading

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Jung An Tagen – Live, Ö1 Funkhaus

Artist: Jung An Tagen title: Live, Ö1 Funkhaus keywords: electronic, electronica, live, chair dance, fitness, exercise The infamous chair dance is the newest exercise hype, slowly turning sport and dance schools into chair venue’s with hot heated chair-dance fitness participants. … Continue reading

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extra-tourist – Adventure Time

Artist: extra-tourist title: Adventure Time keywords: breakbeat, Break-YodelOpéRap, electronic, experimental, fun, essential hit album label: Darling DaDa The darlings under the record labels ‘Darling Dada’ have just released a number one hit wonder album by their favorite darlings ‘extra-tourist’. … Continue reading

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Philipp Bückle – Drawings

Artist: Philipp Bückle title: Drawings keywords: ambient, drone, experimental, noise label: Invisible City Records reviewer: Willem van O. If you thought that it would be a joyful experience to see ‘An Artist Resting By The Roadside’ than the music done … Continue reading

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Pen Parker – I’m Level Four

Artist: Pen Parker title: I’m Level Four keywords: idm, abstract, electronic, microsound, glitch label: PicPack I never understood the whole thing with the ‘Parker Pen’, a pen marketed as a luxury pen that can write like other pens. But … Continue reading

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