zheimeer & norka – mice

1Artist: zheimeer & norka
title: mice
keywords: lo-fi, pop, electronic, dance, mice, nice, cute, video

You can’t deny that Mice are nice.. That’s what the first pop song & fitting music video are propagandizing and it actually works very, very well. Even the biggest elephant in the room (normally and naturally terrified from the Mice) would change its mind hearing and seeing this video. We basically get a very friendly, catchy Lo-fi tune that easily gets you to dance, and interesting never seen before footage from the house mice lifestyle. Isn’t it nice, and cute? The inside of some mice would be black from smoking those cigars, but luckily it is in this case the fluffy adorable outside of the mice that counts.

If this music video isn’t nice enough for you to go and like zheimeer on fecesbook, or download zheimeer’s previous album on Weakiediscs records, than what else can?

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