Clockwork Orchestra – Percy

Artist:Clockwork Orchestra
Title: Percy
Keywords: ghost, sighting, spirit, electronic, pop, experimental

If you have been lost in fascination of sightings of ghosts, spirits and poltergeists, you can spend many of your days going through billions of YouTube clips. It’s a time consuming activity that would probably conclude nothing other than that there are ‘others’ out there who are willing to feed this fascination in various ways. There are the uploaded dramatized documentaries, the talking celebrities chatting about their encounters, the always dark and vague video clips of ghost hunters, and the real life ghostbusters with electric meters and ghost boxes.

But once you arrive at the private home videos of poltergeist activities uploaded by individuals who claim to live in such a haunted house situation, it becomes even more interesting. Imagine waking up every day or coming home and your whole house is a mess and you didn’t do it yourself (your candid video camera setup tells you it’s a angry poltergeist) , wouldn’t it be a logical reason to get the hell out of there? I for a start hate cleaning up a mess, especially when it’s not my own.. But perhaps they are stuck there, no other place to go or stuck in the addiction of getting off on people who ‘subscribe’ and watch their channels, forcing them to produce more poltergeist activities for the YouTube browsing homemade agents Sculler and Miller under us.

Things like kitchen scenes in which cutlery gets launched by invisible force through the room, doors open and close rather angry, flickering lights, refrigerators dancing around, cupboards, teacups, plates flying like saucers through the living room, televisions wobble around switching themselves on and off.. It’s either a huge database of proof of real ghost presence, or simply proof of individuals’ great editing skills.  Comment sections are flooded with people who do nothing than debunking the happenings seen in these videos ‘he forgot a string at 0:33’ or ‘Fake’, some of them have whole accounts themselves dedicated to tell you how fake they are & others are firm believers and will start a channel to tell you how fake the fake debunking videos are.

Others wish the makers of these videos good luck, giving them advice, bible quotes and addresses to stay when things get too rough. It’s one big circus, totally fascinating and because of this DIY feeling of the video uploads; it really makes the whole thing more real and interesting than the normally Hollywood style ghost documentaries. For YIKIS research I’ve been going through this circus, researching for months and making one conclusion; only one video is worth the watch.

After seeing so many ghost videos that are hard to know if they are authentic or not, the ghost captured in the following homemade video clip is for sure 100% real. There is no explanation for the sighting captured by this camera; there are no strings, no dramatization or obvious proof of pulling strings in combination with video editing. If you put the sound channels up you will even be able to hear some things that you might find interesting. Save yourself some time of getting lost in this web of loser-ville, and behold a real captured ghost activity in the following video:

for more information on the sounds captured in this video,
please do your own research at the online Clockwork Orchestra headquarters

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