Candy Teeth – Seven Days Of Manic

artist: Candy Teeth
title: Seven Days Of Manic
keywords: electronic, jazz hop, electronic jazz, experimental, harsh, noise, nu-jazz, nü-jazz, post rock, post-rock, Philadelphia
reviewer: Willem van O.

“Seven Days of Manic” is a collection of melodically and harmonically dense, jazz influenced electronic music  that revolve the struggles of suffering with depression and dysphoria. The EP takes you through the ups and downs of struggling with these issues through sound. Each track is just as visceral as the one before.

When Monday comes most of the working buzzy bees aren’t a happy bunch. But Candy Teeth’s so called first day of the week sounds pretty excited and animated, the sound of a fresh start still warm and woozy from a woozy weekend. Candy Teeth has expressed this vibe through electronic music that is vibrant enough to make the Monday sound like something wonderful and sparkling in goodness.

The Tuesday however starts to sound as if realization had kicked in, and Candy Teeth took something to get the mind happy and smokey. Another week is going on and even the best intentions, little rays of sunshine on the head and successfully passing through traffic jams in order to attend a possible meeting can not completely dismiss the exhilarated self inflicted euphoria of this happy go lucky form of music. Is it the intake of possible ‘happy’ pre description medicines or sparkling booze that makes this Tuesday so bubbly? It sounds very lovely, Innocent and friendly; nothing to worry about as Tuesday’s are like happy bubbly Mondays in the world of Candy Teeth.

Wednesday is the day most people consider as the day in the middle of the week, and Candy Teeth seems to respect it enough to serenade this day with a big sounding vibrant piano work. It gives weight to this day and I’m sure Wednesday would appreciate it.

Thursday is the hardest day in Candy Teeth’s week, here there is no room for a all round cast of melody and vibrant positivity. Here we can positively pick out the sound of a certain noise that makes happy thoughts slightly banned from the mind. It comes across as the negative voices in the head people experience when in a depressive mood. A constant message of ‘you are good for nothing’ blocking out all positive thoughts and if it goes a top notch further; all creativity. Candy Teeth’s sound expression here however does sound like it will not give in, voicing sparkles of hope of melancholic beauty through this sound stream of static.

On Friday Candy Teeth’s week is at its peak, a music piece of solid solitude, a road to regain the air from the darkness and letting the outside beauty effect the struggling soul in a recharging way. Music wise it means a struggle of dramatic ambient that gets all powered up in a nice and fierce rising attitude in which all pain and frustrations that have been oppressed and build up along the week simply come out to spice up your ears by violently puking inside them. It’s a spicy expression that feels powerful and liberating.

The Saturday in this captured week of Candy Teeth is one that feels more relaxed; the pressure is of the kettle and melody can make an entrance again. After a bit the alienating voices of doubt might pop in to fill the relieved vibe with insecurity, but in general it comes across as a good day.

The last day of this Candy Teeth week gets translated in a track that simply brings the best of wooziness that this day is famous for. Just wear some warm socks, sip from a cup of hot chocolate and just listen to this release.

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