Rotslow – Rotslow

Artist: Rotslow
title: Rotslow
keywords: ambient, emo melodic-hardcore, alternative rock, experimental, rock, indie, punk, sad, skramz, yelling, Worcester
label: Honest Face Records
reviewer: Willem van O.

Honest Face Records just released an EP by Rotslow. In case your honest face hasn’t heard of Rotslow before, it’s Jake Rota doing the vocals and guitar work and Nathan Zaslow on the drums. Together they make some kind of blend between screamo, harmonic rock and a summer swing vibe.

It’s a nice combination for people that are in need for regular harmonic vocals, some sensibility in melody as well as the more in your face parts of screaming. If it EP was a person I would describe it as someone who is sophisticatedly nice but with a bit of a temper on the side. But it has to be said, the nice characteristics of this EP as a persona simply dominates the wilder ones. It’s as if the wild angry element has gone through some heavy counseling, or perhaps a successful Therapy session of anger management and now all wild outbursts are under control.  Conclusion is that even though the wild outburst can be felt brewing, the EP could be invited safely in your home or become a close friend, as small chance it will go in a disastrous frenzy bashing all your values and other valuable friends.  Check it out over here:

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