Alexey Kovalenko & Elena Galitsina – Early Summer Morning

Artists: Alexey Kovalenko & Elena Galitsina
title: Early Summer Morning
cat: 02label 05-028
keywords: instrumental, relax music, new age
label: o2label
reviewer: Mark X

The internet archive netlabel department is a fine gift in order to help yourself with unexpected musical goodies. When listening to the gorgeous music by Alexey Kovalenko & Elena Galitsina it really makes me all teary-eyed and enthusiastic. This is real music,electronic prettiness meets the soulful sensitive sounding violin, lightweight piano sparkles, rhythm, harmony and a cozy sea recording. it’s just almost unbelievable how sincere it all sounds, how thick and cared for both tracks come across; it’s a professional sounding labor of love..

When the one percent rich commercial super stars singing up to smack more money out of people their pockets with soulless music, it’s here in the legally free to download section that real Beauty prospers and awaits your very own ears. I have no words for it other than ‘download this’ and don’t be afraid of getting sued as how incredible it is, it is absolutely free and absolutely wonderful. Do not believe me, but believe in the music:

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