Sokasokasoka – untitled

Artist: Sokasokasoka
title: Untitled
cat: 8r094
keywords: experimental, 8ravens, lobit, lo-bit, 8kbps, ambient, noise, soundtrack
label: 8Ravens

The old days of real experimental radio stations that you could listen to and find yourself at odds with the question of ‘music or sound?’ are long gone. I used to love it as a kid of the eighties to turn the radio knob in search for such a station, and it for sure is a difficult task to find one. Not only because these stations were pretty rare, but also because of its content that made it hard to define if it was just radio static or indeed the actual broadcast. The only way to find out if you had been tuned in to a radio channel of this kind was when the voices would come in and talk something about the buzz fuzz that they had been spinning previously. I can’t remember the name of the station, but I remember how thrilled I was as a kid to discover something much more than soft pop, lovers rock and commercial flops. There was a whole world out there with interesting vagueness, a blob of sound discovery in the broadest sense of the word.. Now this kind of radio shows might have been relocated on the internet, but to be honest I did not come across any of this experimental kind.

But this release by Sokasokasoka on the 8Ravens netlabel is probably the closest to what I once experienced on experimental radio. This might be all done by one single artist, it is a very stimulating brew of all kinds of material, kindly moved into eachother like a perfect mix that re-captures the feeling of searching through radio frequencies on a old time ether radio and discover an tremendous amount of listening material. This lengthy work by Sokasokasoka is exactly what inspires me, and hopefully other generations to look beyond the borders of traditional music formats. Here there can be melodies, intensive beauty, fuzzy depth, jazz, deep listening material, lighter ambience, folk-twirls, rhythmic sniffling sounds, eighties hints, movie soundtracks, noises, tonal elements and so much more.. This ‘untitled’ release is simply one long invitation to listenable music that thinks completely out of the box. I do believe this release is pretty awesome, and hope you will feel the same way too:

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