The Unearthly Demagogue – Our Forgotten Psychedelic Infinity And The Absolute Zero

1artist: The Unearthly Demagogue
title: Our Forgotten Psychedelic Infinity And The Absolute Zero
keywords: pscychedelic, noise-esque holograms, angel wings, ambient, drone, video

If you are a lover of pretty ambient music than you might have come across the productions done by Angel Wings. Just like a superhero Angel Wings has been active as another identity; The Unearthly Demagogue. Under this name Angel Wings has been busy flapping around and cultivating a lifelong obsession with noise-esque Holograms.

Does this mean that Angel Wings mission on earth has been wrapped up and can now safely return to the back of an angel without wings up there in heaven? In all honesty, I hope Angel Wings stays around even after finalizing this impressive life-work of an endless showcase of what looks like scientifically approved spirograms with trippy abilities to stare in.

Angel Wings didn’t do a half job over here, I didn’t count them all but there are so many of those pretty images presented in this full length YouTube video clip, that it indeed deserves some respect from one nutter to another.

What commitment was the driven force behind this creation of ultimate collection of visuals? How did Angel Wings create all these pretty pieces of eye-candy? I’ll ask this so to stay away from such a visual-generator, as it is obviously pretty addictive.. Luckily Angel Wings doesn’t have a mouth for eating and drinking, and saves a lot of time in order to make the angelic ambient music that Angel Wings is so famous for, and still has enough time left to create all these monochromatic visuals.

The good thing with this life-work presentation is that it can be observed through various ways. The images and sound altogether, or (in case you switch the sound off) just the images, the lose images on Deviantart ( , or in case you need an lengthy atmospheric backdrop for the other things that you are doing; with just the sound up.. The music will make everything pretty, light flowing ambient drone with angelic atmospheres that will even make an office-job like a holy experience. Here it is, the life-work by Angel Wings’s alter-ego:


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2 Responses to The Unearthly Demagogue – Our Forgotten Psychedelic Infinity And The Absolute Zero

  1. alphastare says:

    Just did a collab with ‘Wings’, due out soon.

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