DJ Humiliation – Love Child

Artist: DJ Humiliation
title: Love Child
keywords: seafood acid, bit breaks, breakz, idm, electronica, lgpz, lsdj, lobit
label: 20kbps
reviewer: Leo Obit

DJ Humiliation had quite a reputation, from humiliating deejay sets, humiliating outfits, humiliating missteps in life and humiliation all year around. DJ Humiliation’s Love Child is basically all the talent of this DJ as a producer squeezed in one humiliation-free downloadable fanatic lobit beat release.
Here the artist sets the insane stories of the life of DJ Humiliation free, and does this through active expressions of rhythm, bubbling fatty acid blobs, breaks, arcade-madness and whatsnot..

Tracks dedicated to the crazy time in DJ Humiliation’s life featuring dancable works about jail time for cocaine, acid seafood,  an octopus invading a vagina, and other unspeakable crimes and forms of humiliating madness. If dataloss, phatty bombastic intelligent middle class LSDj & LGPT is the thing that gets you jiggy; than consider this as your jiggy-the-jiggy-doo-be-doo!  DJ Humiliation’s debut release was totally the bomb in 2009 because it was keeping things so real, and now in the year 2015 this release is still undoubtly DJ Humiliation at its very best. If you had never heard it before, than this might be a good day to meet the highlight in DJ Humiliation’s career:  

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