Little Devils – My Perfect You

littledevilsArtist: Little Devils
title: My Perfect You
keywords: blues, rock
reviewer: Mark X

Sometimes you get subscribed unwillingly onto a mailing list, few are interesting, most are annoying and some are completely irrelevant. One of those regular mailings that always seem to stand out in their tones and word choice is the one being send from the mailing team of a band named Little Devils. For years their emails have been coming in my mailbox, and just because the comical and funny personal style and approach in each mailing; I’ve never thought to unsubscribe.
It helped perhaps that for some strange reason I had the idea that it was a band with someone I once met in it, but after all these years of reading about their music adventures, I finally found out that this person’s participation in this band was just a sparkle of my own imagination.

Normally their mailings concern gig lists, helps, promotions, and other ‘little Devil’ things, but in one of their recent ones a link to their newest video clip had been inserted. This was the moment that I noticed no sign of my transvestite bass player friend I imagined being in this band, but discovered (to be honest) their music and the faces behind it for the first time. ‘Little Devils’ are just as personal in their music expression as is apparent in their regular written words of what has been going on in their world. And this video is full of close ups to see these fine blues musicians being completely in to their own sound and style. This is a visual moving portrait of Faces of concentration, of enjoyment, of being one with their instrument, and above all a very powerful voice.. These ‘Little Devils’ can continue sending mail as this video of strong musicianship turned me into a little devil fan:

To find out more about the voice of Yoka, the guitar skills of Big Ray & Graeme and the drums of Sara, their gigs and activities you can check their website: , facebook, or perhaps subscribe their email address ( to your own mailing list (in the hope they will return you the favor)
p.s. anyone seen my transvestite bassist friend?

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1 Response to Little Devils – My Perfect You

  1. Graeme says:

    Hi – can’t help with the transvestite bass player – sorry – but thanks very much for the blog – and really glad u like my emails – tho i feel a bit weird – i have no idea how i came to have your email address – it might have been via another member of the band – maybe you know Vivienne Soan – who used to play sax with us?
    PS – your search for transvestite bass player might be enhanced by checking out Delta Ladies…. just saying.

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