POulBO – Fob Watch, Lipstick, Warless (the videos)

1artist: POulBO
title: Fob Watch, Lipstick, Warless (the videos)
keywords: videos, electronic, electronica, gay, kissing, love, snogging, phobia, Sofia Leal, Jonas Börjesson, poulbo
words by: Mark X

Sometimes Youpoop sucks, not because the videos on it are suck-y, but because the tremendous amount of youtube-poop makes the pretty unknown music video clips to disappear so almost nobody would notice them. So are these few videos for the wonderful music by a certain POulBO. Personally I don’t know a hell-of-a-lot about POulBO, other than that some of the beautiful electronic music that POulBO makes has been released for free on the Sirona Netlabel, which is basically a great gift to your ears if you dig how POulBO’s music sounds like… POulBO’s electronic music style is sounding intelligent, pretty, melodic, glitchy, sexy, sensual and very professional. The videos featuring the music by POulBO are equal to this sound, but unfortunately just an arm-full of people have seen them. Let this be an opportunity to join this arm-full and give them a little renewed attention.

The first video is one that is obviously the most impressive directors-wise. It takes the concept of people having the love-phobia very seriously; making it a recognizable story for all that is terrified by falling in love. It’s a natural situation when people are attracted to each other, but people with a fear for love aren’t so sure about what to do with it. In this video two handsome would be lovers are seen in the woods, clearly having all the effect of love and attraction going on. Then suddenly a plot twist as one of these individuals is suffering from the love-phobia. She makes a runner, trying to escape something that is unescapable. She becomes an attractive magnet for her hunter who sets in a chase to get the natural prey. You can’t fuck with mother nature and her ‘love-magnet’ plans, and so the story ends with the pair in a undisclosed open ending facing their fate.. The prey loves the hunter and the hunter loves the prey, but will they snog?

The open ending of the previous video clip for ‘Fob Watch’ is like a cliffhanger with no real hint for how the situation will prosper. But with a little help of digging deep down the Youtube poop another POulBO video might satisfy our visual minds in a positive happy ending. The mouths kiss and Poulbo’s music plays and all is good! What? Yes, it’s snogging time!

Now that the fighting for love is over and sealed with the exchange of lipstick,
it is good to find a more light weight video to end this post. The war is over, some blue sky and fluffy professional sounding POulbO music re-enters the ears and all feels so-oo-oo good.

For more of POulBo music, check out the official bandcamp account.

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