Jacker Seppeli – das isch no musig

artist: Jacker Seppeli
title: das isch no musig
keywords: acid, acid techno, techno, lobit
label: 20kbps http://20kbps.sofapause.ch/

I am the jacker seppeli. Known in the whole country.
Formerly I was the coolest boy, now I am a goliard.
I’m satisfied if I have straw at night and schnaps during the day.

How fast time goes by, a year and another.
One thinks, it should not be possible, soon I’ll be an old man.
And when I stand before the pearly gates and wanna go in
I shout: “y0, St. Petrus – Jacker Seppeli is here. Time to jack!”

The 20kbps netlabel whose fame has expanded much further than a whole country, has another gold release coming out of their hands. This time a certain ‘Jacker Seppeli’ jacks it up with well-seasoned sounding dance music. This is might be labeled as it coming out of the hands of someone with experience, but sounds as fresh and wicked that even fresh-out-of-a-diaper youngsters could be thrilled by it.

From menopause till puberty, to baby’s first dance steps; all will be able to embrace and feel these acid vibes, those fine tacky wisdom beats and groovy underground techno vibes! Ageless acid dance music that no upper crust of commercial dance music had touched upon, making it still as relevant today as way back when it got invented. Come on, it’s Time to Jack!

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