The Pink Blob – Everybody Move!

Artist: The Pink Blob
title: Everybody Move!
cat: totf007
keywords: reggae, dance, breakbeat, hit, lobit
label: Top Of The Flops
reviewer: Leo Obit

There is a tremendous absence of the music done by Mexican reggae star ‘The Pink Blob’.
Little is known about the artist/producers whereabouts at this moment in time,
but we all hope that everything is well and good with The Pink Blob and that one day in the possible future this single colored icon in the underground music business will return with another master work. But instead of wondering when the Pink Blob will return or where the Pink Blob actually is at this moment in time; we might just dive in a throwback moment and celebrate one of his biggest underground hits named ‘Everybody Move!’

You might remember the impact it had if you had been around at the time of the launch. The whole earth crust was shaking from the instant dances that broke out in response to this hit single.
The breaks, inescapable baseline and the upbeat vocals had every dance fan pumped up and moving.
The single became such a hit not only because it was aimed to the youngsters, but also came with a slower version of its song perfect for the elderly and romantic couples that like to move at a slower tempo. Everybody Move’ was indeed a hit that was capable to get everyone moving, especially when the earth crust under some of the more intensive dancing crowds started to collapse; they moved quickly to a safer place!

Of course this all ended up with governments all over the world banning the move of movements to this hit single by The Pink Blob, erasing this happening from their history books and had high hopes this would never be seen the light of day again. And here we are again, shining some light on ‘Everybody Move!’ by The Pink Blob. Here is a link for free download, but do move responsible:

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