Marc Broude – Dead On Arrival Demo

Artist: Marc Broude
title: Dead On Arrival Demo
cat: Siro519
keywords: post-rock, alternative, ambient rock
label: Sirona-Records

Marc Broude is to me a modern day urban adventurer; he lives his own life, reporting on it with the use of pictures and words (both of them in atmospheric black and white) on a social network we (including Marc) hate so much. The posts he post are of a post-apocalyptic street wanderer, sketches of a dimmed city in which a good sense of humor move through drastic layers of city dread.

I’ve never met him personally, never really had a good chat through some pop-up window, but still really feel like I wouldn’t want to miss his realness in such a bleak online anti-social interactive web for a single bit. He tells you how it is, makes friends and enemies along the way and gives the technical crew of this site extra job by publishing pictures other nitwit followers flag as offensive.
It’s the whole peeping tom versus the exhibitionist that turns the good chuckle and ‘keeping things real’ in a vicious circle of ‘likes’ and browser fun. Who needs Kardashians when there are actual real people out there willing to show a side of their lives without all the editing, bullshit and poop scoopers?

Some posts that Marc Broude drops are hints to the fact that he isn’t just a life explorer, but an actual talented music maker. His free to download album ‘Dead On Arrival’ is such an release that you should check out, featuring just as much animated story telling and personality that any picture or words could pass out. But actually the music feels in fact even a step closer to this honest persona. The tracks are strong in melodic content, dramatic, dreamy; fragile but not fragile. It’s the music that would suit a walk through a city at night in which all citizens’ sleep and the sounds and kindred spirit of Marc Broude roams the streets.

There are the heavily sincere sounding human piano works, the trippy experimentation of imagination (imagine yourself in a forest) , and even a Deftones cover.. But to me it is the realness of it all, the excellent exposure of musicianship that doesn’t make music like a spoiled rat for the sake of making music, but makes music to express him and keeps its work close at home, and ‘home’ is where his heart is. Perhaps I’m all wrong as an individual artist like Marc Broude is uncatchable, jumps like a cat if you’d trap it in a corner; but damn his music is very good, very emotional and yet distant. It’s the same with his personal posts on that anti-social network; it’s close but not too close, but posts pop up and go into nothingness, while strong well played and well-meaned music like this will stay forever and ever. You really should check ‘Dead On Arrival’ out and take off your hat for the musical talent and realness that it exposes:

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