Zoran & Lezet – Connected

Artist: Zoran & Lezet
title: Connected
keywords: 2015, connected, electronic, lezet, zoran, dark ambient, dreamwave, drone, electro, experiemental, music, organic, soundart, soundscape, spontaneous, Slovenia
reviewer: Willem van O.

Neon Frequency (feat. Inkviszicija) is the first cooperative track on this release between music makers Zoran Peternelj and Igor Jovanovic aka Lezet. This work gives the impression of a spontaneous collaboration that is hanging out somewhere in the starters phase, but never has the push over the edge to obtain a real lift off. It’s in this case a strong point music wise; not all of it has to go up in the air for a melodic progression to be good and enjoyable. This track for example takes the best from this ‘hanging point’ and makes it last for more than six intensive minutes. It’s the music collaboration that you need to hear when you have stepped off the carousel of a speedy life,  just to be able to get into the relaxing time span of minimalism with a drumroll.

^ This is half the face of Zoran

^ This is half the face of Zoran

Once you have successfully passed the progression of the first track, the second one will attend the ears. This one feels like a reward in which the minimalistic after-tones form little melodies in your own imagination, while the real thing in reality lovely bubbles away in an all absorbing atmospheric ambient atmosphere named ‘Spiritual Pineapple’.

^ You might wonder if this is the face of Lezet, but no, this is a Royalty Free Stock Photo of a Bald man Looking up.

^ You might wonder if this is the face of Lezet, but no, this is a Royalty Free Stock Photo of a Bald man Looking up.

The next work is named ‘Aquarium’ and takes this special experimental music collaboration in this certain kind of experimentation in a slightly different level. It’s here that the minimalism of the first track, the pineapple vibe of the previous one gets a little bit fishier. There are no signs of bubbles that escape the mouths of aquarium fishes, but for some reason the repetitive elements in the track clearly are inspired by this, and the short term memory that keeps those fishes happy in a small aquarium.

The last track is the most utopian in its sound exposure, creating a more futuristic retro blurb that comes and absorbs all its surroundings in a modern assemblage of technology. Trust me, nobody knows what this all means, but the words are coming across as pretty impressive, which hopefully makes the insane reader move forward to actually click the link below and shove this easy paced collaborative release in your hearing receptors:

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1 Response to Zoran & Lezet – Connected

  1. Linda says:

    Nice, calming atmospheric music to focus with.

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