Tetsuro – Genetic Disco

Artist: Tetsuro
title: Genetic Disco
cat: GT628
keywords: Ukraine, house, IDM, breakcore, disco
label: Genetic Trance http://genetic-trance.com/
reviewer: Willem van O.

“Always be careful with Genetic Trance releases with the word ‘Enjoy!’ in its description.”
That’s what a lot of internet mothers say to their kids roaming the dodgy terrains of netlabel land. But sometimes it’s better to ignore a internet’s mothers advise, and indeed do go for a ‘Enjoy!’ moment of a Genetic Trance release. Just to be clear, we don’t advice anybody to ignore the mothers of internet and their warnings, but tests have been done and this ‘Genetic Disco’ release has been approved for adult and child safety.

Genetic Disco consists of five tracks that have successfully received the green light for all ages and according to a subcommission, has been actually categorized as ‘enjoyable’. Something that makes in this case the ‘Enjoy!’ in the description not just a word that lurks potential listeners, but an actual worth of truth.  This release has also been tested on animal abuse, and with great joy I have to report that the elephant and chicken are found in good health, and no physical harm has been conceived from willingly cooperating on this release. With all these seals of approval, many nominations for upcoming award shows and a Genetic Disco inspired Broadway musical along the way, it’s best that the disapproving warning internet-mothers would close their eyes, while you check out the following link:

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