Various Artists – Retrovision

coverArtists: Various
title: Retrovision
keywords: retro, vintage, jazz, blues, lo-fi, lounge, easy listening, smooth jazz, funk, groove, nostalgia
label: Mixgalaxy Records

Time for some lightweight retro-fantastic hip-shaking? Some jazzy Coltrane-ish side wiggling? Some drumrolls and vintage sounds? Some excellent music released two years ago? This Retrovision compilation will be great fun to engage in. From jolly old school times, visions from the past colorfully spiced up with funky rhythms, happy warm easy listening silliness, and sentimental goofiness; it’s all there!

If you have a cat, it might want to meow along and if you have a dog; it might want to move its tail along from happiness with these fine pet friendly tunes.
There is the old school record vinyl parrot scratching, the homely atmosphere of a drunken piano wobbling in a corner & the unamicable sound of a freaky old fashioned fresh sounding guitar player.
There is the sexy sax, the lounge corner to sit behind the geraniums and enjoy the fluffy happiness, the musical skills on warm keyboards and soft synthesizers…

The old people’s claim that ‘the past was better than the present’ somehow fits this compilation, except that it actually took a lot of those good things from the past, and made it suitable for the present. But as this compilation was released in the past, we in the future might indeed say that the past was better than the present.. Confusing isn’t it? But the music isn’t. It isn’t confusing. confusion that it might be, but not confusing.. no, not at all..
It’s really a nice compilation, easy to digest and very listenable. A bit jazzy at times, but always warm and friendly. So basically good smooth retro vibes for everyone, either being stuck in the past, present-past, present or in the future:

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