hfae presko – untitled

Artist: hfae presko
title: untitled
keywords: experimental, ambient, drone, experimental, electronic, improvisation, lo-fi, electro ,noise ,noise ambient, psychedelic, Russia

hfae presko had send us an important message. Unfortunately our spam bots had mistakenly thrown in it the trash bin. With a pair of glove the cleaner fished it up this morning and now it stands in front of me all soaked in a layer of egg-paste, tissue and rice leftovers. When wiping it softly with a spoon a link became clear, a link to a new release which the artist had the following things to say about/;

I can’t say anything about it, that’s why it is called Untitled.. Music without any ideas, thoughts and words. Just an impulse, fleeting moment of abstract improvisation. It could be a trip in emptiness. Longvoid trip into yourself.

This doesn’t mean that it is a piece of fluff that is presented here in the music, on the contrary! This is a slowly drafted dark ambient piece that has the potential move to be stunning as well as thrilling. I’ve decided to try to give it a title and came up with a few of them; ‘The Soft Whisper’, ‘The Breathtaking Buildup Of Darkness’ , ‘Big Black and Beautiful’ , ‘Mama Mia there is a ghost visiting my ears’ … The list goes on, and on and on.. Even things that the artist described could be titles.. ‘Just an impulse’, music without any ideas, thoughts and words’, fleeting moment of abstract improvisation’, trip in emptiness’, trip into yourself’ but clearly ‘Untitled’ is and will be the only best fitting one. A title that keeps things open for the listener’s own interpretation, making it indeed a trip into your very own imagination.

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