Zoran – Creations Drive Zero.infinity

Artist: Zoran
title: Creations Drive Zero.infinity
keywords: electronic, dark ambient, dreamwave, drone, soundart, soundscape, Slovenia

Zoran made a release that seems to be covering a blank mind that travels over an endless road. It’s the moment of the travel in which the background becomes a blur, the lines on the street a repetition and the whole driving experience a fuzzy business that borders a dreamstate.

These tracks are perfect to generate this effect in a much safer environment, as driving on such a state of mind on such a road might be extremely dangerous. Imagine the eyes basically not registering anything, the wheels are basically steered on automatic pilot and a slight unexpected twist in the road might be a disastrous end to the driver and the driven ones.

^ a disastrous end

^ a disastrous end

This release however captures this drowsy moment perfectly, and has no risks like riding off a cliff, or falling asleep while steering an automobile.. It’s just a long infinite sounding collection in which it’s comfortable to sit in, go for a nap with, or just usable as the soundtrack for a spiritual journey of the mind into a pure and warm sounding nothingness. Pretty relaxing, but definitely deadly if you decide to listen to this, while driving on such a lengthy road…

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