Sina Khani – Shrek

sinaartist: Sina Khani
title: Shrek
keywords: pop, weird, hit, video, logosamphia, sina khani
label: Blowpipe

Sina Khani was born 32 years ago in the mysterious country called Iran, but had to leave it during the Gulf War with Iraq. His journey of growing up happened in Bochum, Germany where he learned how to appreciate zauberflauten, beer gardens and lederhosen. From there he could smell the city of Amsterdam (Netherlands) and ended up there to study something that becomes more and more apparently useful; the art of audiovisual arts. When Sina Khani had studied enough he moved to Berlin to work on his legendary live life performances.

We got to know Sina Khani half way, as an established audio visual comedian, artist and host of his very own Sina Khani show, a part of the successful pop formula group ‘Bos, Lanting, Douche & Khani’ and as super fan of the always merry; Harry Merry. But now he informs the media through words that all his precious activities will be on hold. No more pony riding, no more dancing around the clock, and no more time to be spend by Sina Khani on crossword puzzles; this time it’s serious!
Sina Khani will from now on purely focus on his career as a mega pop star!

With his background, his intensive training school of being in front of hostile audiences, being in music groups and the right amount of fresh energy; he is certainly well up for the job of storming the hit parades. He has his plan ready and will score one hit after the other by not focusing on an album, but will give all the attention to high quality video clips! The first potential hit single is ‘Shrek’, an easy to remember name with a vibe that makes everyone who watches it, a bit wet and slippery. A great intention to lick the screen dry with your tongue had come up many times over here when our team watched this spectacle in all its glory.

Smart moves is the thing that kept Sina Khani’s life together, and to team up with megastar producer Logosamphia for this hit has certainly been received with great applause. Sina Khani might not have the golden voice of an angel, but still his tropical appealing trademark sounds are hard to copy material that even superstars like Lady Gaga had envy for. His slender body, his well-groomed face and his excellent dance moves give him the sex appeal that will turn the male diva high up the map of super stardom. Here is his first upcoming song that probably will conquer the world charts in a very rapid speed;

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