Bofirax – Uncountable Dots

Artist: Bofirax
title: Uncountable Dots
keywords: electronics, IDM, organic, electronica, ambient, chill, experimental
label: Bestiar
reviewer: Willem van O.

Uncountable Dots by Bofirax is the pleasant music that mixes intelligence, chill pill vapors and refreshment in one. Nice cuts, cool beats, nice claps, smooth stuff with here and there a perfect fitting vocal to uniquely harmonize it all. There is nothing here to joke or laugh about, other than it might be made by an alien. Proof is possibly the perfectness of the music, the odd blue man with the large head on its cover and of course the interstellar name ‘BOFIRAX’. But after a little research a little information from the artist had popped up:

Bofirax is a word that I’ve invented by mixing different concepts that describe me or that I just find interesting. I use it as the name for my standalone musical project. Using both electronics and organic instruments I create textures and elements to express myself. I’m never stuck to a particular genre, so I don’t even know we’re this is going to take me.

^ Bofirax

^ Bofirax

Okay Bofirax is no alien as this text and the blurry picture that came with it proofs, but that doesn’t mean his music isn’t a nice thing to discover and care for. The Uncountable Dots by Bofirax is basically another reason to be proud of humans and their creative skills, and the ability to share it for free:

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