Grey Pale Sinister – Obscure

^ for some reason 'Obscura' by Grey Pale Sinister has no album cover.. But we found a fitting picture..

^ for some reason ‘Obscura’ by Grey Pale Sinister has no album cover.. But we found a fitting picture..

Artist: Grey Pale Sinister
title: Obscure
keywords: lofi, experimental, dark, insane, mad, devotional, toytronic, mental
reviewer: Willem van O.

Grey Pale Sinister’s Obscura is a marriage between fanatic lo-fi keyboard playing and an insane mad vocalist whose breath you can almost smell through the soundwaves. It isn’t sure if it’s a toothless angry vampire-ish man, or an old evil woman doing its disturbing expressions. It might be a case in fact of a double personality doing a duet like a yin and yang of nice and delightfully twisted. At times of ‘Torture’ I believe the vocalist is Scrooge McDuck himself going in a spastic angry mood after his nephew lost his favorite coin.  It is for sure a crazy album, but what might be even more strange is that it actually is quite intriguing, making you feel like you are up close with a severely disturbed mental patient that chooses music and creativity to throw out the demons.

^ another 'unrelated' picture to decorate this review

^ another ‘unrelated’ picture to decorate this review

In ‘Crazy’ Grey Pale Sinister even seems to have been taken over by a Viking, or a pirate with a love for opera showing off at its victorious last notes. The track ‘The Grave’ seems to contain some powerful aspects of a mind meltdown, and you don’t need to be interested in psychiatry to find it an interesting collapse.Something that goes forward with lots of screaming, crying, and hysteria; it will get the deep throat kind of listener glued to the musical expressions in order to capture all the heavy emotion that is expressed here.

Don’t be too smart or nasty as Grey Pale Sinister dedicates a complete song to ‘stupid humans’ and sings in a unique way that they all will die and probably be fed to the dogs..
It takes guts to make an album so on the edge as that Grey Pale Sinister does, so you better not look down and respect this emotional artistic madness: or face the consequences…

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