Tessa Martin – terriblement efficace

1Artist: Tessa Martin
title: terriblement efficace
keywords: pop, French, dance, music video
reviewer: Mark X

Tessa Martin spots a fashionable goatee, an adorable smile and enough body and hand moves to make her song come out in the right style and way. Her video clip location really fits the trend of no-nonsense, going for that DIY feeling as if it’s all recorded in one single take on a webcam.
It works well as the fans love it with great excess; it makes them relate to the performer and her song as if she is a good close friend. Her dance moves and unpretentious sweet performance really brings the love back in this new generation of low budget-style music video clips.
Add her perfectly phrased sexy lips slipping out her lovely voice, and that special charming sparkle in her eyes while she sings; and you’ll too turn into a fan of Tessa Martin.
Ain’t she lovely? Isn’t this unpretentious video perfect?

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