Army of 2600 – Cronenberg Nightmares

Artist: Army of 2600
title: Cronenberg Nightmares
keywords: chipnoise, ambience, electronic, experimental,Atari, chiptune, circuit bent, glitch, Omaha

As soon as the sound of Army of 2600’s Cronenberg Nightmares set in, the fluffy lightweight of a normal sunny day has been swapped for a post videogame nightmare. It sounds all as if it’s coming out of a haunted VCR, but what comes out is a slow progressive form of mysteriously haunting electronic down-under retro circuit bended computer vibes.

The first track ‘clorox botox’ relies on a slow muffled beat that seems to work as chloroform, totally knocking us out; leaving nobody the choice other than waking up in the middle of the haunting chipnoise in ‘dust cover’.  Here a celebration of noisy-chip-speed seems to crush the head providing a unique form of energy that quite possibly get some heads wobbling. My own head (still heavily influenced from the chloroform) was one of those infected; it wobbled off into the sunset.

It was here that I discovered that you could hear without actually having ears or a head. We humans seem to have so evolved that we could listen to music straight from the gaping wounds of our headless necks. This is great news as the ‘hypnotic destruction complacent’ track by army of 2600 has enough pushy groove to not to be missed. It might be here that the arms of some listeners might start to feel the vibes and wobble away.. My ones did, and now I type the rest of this review with my toes..

‘motown blood flow’ has still this hypnotic theme of ominous electronic witchcraft over it, but does come across as more chilled out. It is here that you might feel that your stomach is wobbling along with the music, and it is good that it’s concealed inside the body, as otherwise it might too wobble into the sunset. The last track is ‘end wave’ and keeps this fuzzy video-ish world alive with some laser-ish sounds that shoots the sparks of game-addiction and arcade halls. With a little imagination the scenario of head and armless wobbling listeners will now be shot by little pixel Atari leftovers.. Which might be a nightmare to some, but a perfect dream to others..

It might be a little difficult to copy paste the link with toes,
but as you could see below, it did work out fine for me:  

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