My Little Shit – I Love Shit

Artist: My Little Shit
title: I Love Shit
keywords: noisecore, grindcore, harmonica, pipe, experimental, shitcore, pagancore
label: Popsakal
reviewer: Simon Hit

My Little Shit donated a big shit that might smell a little longer than expected. It’s like a love letter to shit music, making each track into one that is terrible and yet entertainingly listenable. My Little Shit makes every track of the ‘I Love Shit’ album, into a challenging mix of garbage, puke, nervous drumming on pot and pans, folk vomit, snot squeezing, pooh snorting, anal whistle blowing, brain shaking, mouth harmonica burping and audio diarrhea with the regular toilet flush.

But don’t think this is not done in a music way; everything (including the burping, farting and the deranged grunts) has somehow a form of musicality attached to it. Still to be absolutely honest with our dear readers, the whole album might be conceived as a visit to a folk-artist with his ass glued on a toilet after eating the content of out-of-date cans of red beans. The ass of My Little Shit might be on fire, but even with this slight inconvenience going on, the artist manages to create a steamy hot fart-worthy piece of shit avant-garde.

Artists without acute forms of diarrhea could learn a lot of My Little Shit as the love for shit simply did miracles over here. It keeps entertaining, and before you’ll know it your ears will be full of love for shit; keeping your head warm, smelly and a bit.. ..mentally challenged. It’s all done in good fun though, as the last track reveals an honest ray of laugh salvos. (Or might that laugh coming from the red beans provider?)
If you too love shit,
than this might be something you would excitingly shit your pants  for:

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