Zarbi Zibou – Zarbi Zibou

Artist: Zarbi Zibou
Title: Zarbi Zibou
keywords: big beat, electronic, beats, disco, hiphop, instrumental, psychedelic, Netherlands
reviewer: Willem van O.

“Driven by a deep rooted love for old filmscores, dusty records and 60’s/70’s pop culture, ‘Holle Bolle’ Gijs Knol, Jeroen van den ‘Plakje’ Ham and ‘Bofkont’ Tom Hofland locked themselves up in the studio for a weekend and went to work.
What started as an experiment in music quickly turned into a super sexy secret agent with a mind of her own: Zarbi Zibou
 By the end of the weekend the self-titled EP was born and released into the wild.
We hope you love listening to it as much as we loved making it.”

What a nice piece of peace and loving self-written write-up. And what a joy to accept this open invitation for such a shagadelic music liberation. The influences of the sixties and seventies pop might be nicely celebrated over here, but don’t forget the retro future as some vocals sound like they have come from the sexy nineties.
It’s a combination of the anorexic Carpenters sound, funkadelic James Brown, Dubby dubs reggae of Dennis Brown (without Dennis Brown), chocolate brown from the crust of a space cake and a nice tinted brown of stained wallpaper that has been hanging around in a very smoky room. I get a really nice brown colour palette when hearing this lovely EP by ‘Holle Bolle’, ‘Plakje’ & ‘Bofkont’.

^ a really nice brown palette

^ a really nice brown palette

You won’t have to dig deep to hear and absorb the love that had driven these musical characters to create this precious brownie of semi retro chillpill funk. They have certainly proved their compatibility by delivering such nice joyful fruits of sound for us all to enjoy. It’s time to dig up your flower pants, your sixties haircut, your brown pipe (with tobacco and a flame) and embrace the brown music with all what’s left of your heart and soul. Which you can (and should!) do over here immediately:

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