Bobby Shakespeare – F*ck The Industry Standard

Artist: Bobby Shakespeare
title: F*ck The Industry Standard
keywords: electronic, IDM, acid, jungle, breakbeat, experimental
label: Alpha Cat Boogie

F*ck The Industry Standard’ is a delicious album of electronic music that has the open minded approach of an open minded music maker. The artist who produced this all is a certain Bobby Shakespeare aka Adam Deimling (famous for his bar fights!) and this album is certainly keeping its listeners attached to the sounds as they can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

This is for lovers of IDM, ambient, jungle, craziness, beats, breaks, and sincere sounding fun melodies. It’s a bit like a ratatouille without breaking the overall feeling of togetherness. There are retro bits, a sniff of punchy kicks, some floating; but it’s the overall energetic flow that makes this album into a keeper!

^ It's a keeper!

^ It’s a keeper!

The in general fine danceable goodies embrace a fine electric eccentricity and the time will pass quick when tuned in to this collection of 16 tracks! So if you are stuck at work, or stuck at home or somewhere else and need something to speed up the clock; this is your album!

^ this album is soooo you!

^ this album is soooo you!

Next to it being lots of fun, creative and well.. (how to say it?) .. good!! It’s also free!!
So there is nothing to complain about, F*ck The Industry Standard’ is the free downloadable electronic album that will probably make, bake and break your day. Download over here:

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1 Response to Bobby Shakespeare – F*ck The Industry Standard

  1. Thanks so much for the kind words! I retired the Bobby Shakespeare moniker shortly after the release of this album. I have been going under the name Meindlig ever since. My albums are up on my Bandcamp page if you’d like to listen and review. Thanks again. Cheers!

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