The Monk By The Sea – Soundscapes II

Artist: The Monk By The Sea
title: Soundscapes II
keywords: ambient, drone, cinematic, Zagreb, easy listening

The monk by the sea makes ambient music. A music genre that has the great intention to give back its listeners something that calms them down, relax them and sometimes even moves them into emotional states of beauty and serenity. The monk by the sea’s version isn’t one that is entirely different than a text book ambient example, but that might be good news for people that basically don’t fancy difficult thinking patterns in music, but just want something that is easily listenable.

‘Nude’ for example is such a piece that comes up like a warm sound source, simply flowing in the ears with the approach of a soft cloud passing by. ‘Train Station’ however, gets a little bit more melodic. Don’t overthink it and simply go with the flow when this happens. The melody gives this cloud of ambient music more a rounded shape, something that seems to attract birds and nature elements. ‘The House At Sea’ seems to level this musicology up a notch by bringing a dreamy electric guitar to the overall mix of atmospheric relax music. I would have loved it if this track would have been a little bit longer, as when visions erupted the music ebbed away into a new chapter.

Not that the new chapter simply switches genre, or any other shocking changes will pop up to confuse the listener; the monk by the sea keeps its simplicity in its fairly casual ambient standards.
‘Just before the rain’ is so light, you almost feel like it’s hardly there. I would compare it to a melodic soft feather that flows in a windless environment. It’s so light that if you don’t pay attention to it; will simply go by unnoticed. If that isn’t light, than what is?

By the time the last track seems to do its thing my brain seems to be far asleep. It isn’t a coma, but more a light headed daze in which the music isn’t hear able as music, but is just a soft pillow that your head can rest and sink away in. The complete experience of ‘Soundscapes II’ is of the right size to get you in the state for ‘nap-time’. Nothing will blow your mind, but it’s more like a seduction into eternal sleep.. If sleeping and day dreaming is one of your hobbies, than you might want to combine it with listening to this music production:

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